* Improved Hiring Practices, so that only the best candidates were hired and retained

Through our research-based and time-tested methods, we always hire only the very BEST for your school! Whether it is a new administrator, teacher, classroom aide, secretary, maintenance worker, cafeteria employee, etc., we will assist you through the entire process from beginning to end, including assisting with the actual interviews and background checks, to ensure that only the BEST are hired for your school.

* Trained all employees in Best Practices, including all necessary compliance issues

With the plethora of laws that pertain to all schools, it is necessary for all staff members to be up-to-date with the legal obligations and duties as a school employee. As such, we will train your entire staff in laws, statutes, expectations, and duties of being a school employee. 

*Assisted with all Personnel activities, including hiring, evaluations, programs of assistance, and employee dismissal 

In accordance with our expectations, we will develop hiring procedures, evaluations for administrators, teachers, and all other employees, programs of assistance when necessary, and all steps leading to employee dismissal. 

*Developed Employee Handbooks that are in compliance with laws, statutes, and expectations

We will develop an entire staff Handbook or tweak your existing Staff Handbook, so that you are assured that all laws, statutes, and ordinances are properly and legally addressed for your employees. 

*Assisted with preparation for Grievances and Arbitration procedures and represented schools/districts at the hearings

Our consultants will ensure that you are fully prepared for all Grievance and Arbitration procedures. We will write the documents, properly submit them, and lead the way through all hearings. 

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