The various positions in Education can be quite daunting, whether it is a first-year person or an experienced veteran who is entering a new position or somebody who needs assistance. At LEAD Consulting, we have over 30 years of experience in the positions of Superintendent, Principal, Curriculum /director, Business Officials, and as School Board/Governing Council Members.

* Superintendents

The loneliest position in the world is the Superintendent or the CEO! Nobody else in your district or school does the same job, there are no local colleagues, and it can be lonely at times when tying to make the best decisions. At LEAD Consulting, we will diligently work with your Superintendent to ensure that the best decisions are made, even when in the face of stress or adversity. Working with our former Superintendents on staff, we will ensure that your Superintendent always has a sounding board, a mentor, and a guide to take him/her through the sometimes rocky roads of the position.

* Principals

We will also work closely with your Principal(s) to ensure that all decisions are made in compliance with laws and expectations, but mostly to ensure that all decisions are made in accordance with the best interests of the school. Principals face political pressure from all sides, including Boards, staff, parents, students, and the community, but they must make their best decisions for their school, irrespective of the political pressure. At LEAD Consulting, we will help your Principal to face the sometimes treacherous roads, as we help them to always remember to make the best decisions for their school.

* Curriculum Directors
Curriculum Directors also face a daunting daily task - how to ensure that all students are optimally learning at all times. At LEAD Consulting, with our significant number of years in the position, we will show your Curriculum director how to map out curriculum, how to develop pacing guides, how to ensure that best practices are being used, and how to monitor the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly implementation of the curriculum.

* Business Officials

If the funds are not properly managed, your students and staff will suffer. As such, we will work closely with your Business Manger to ensure best practices, proper government accounting, and legally correct procurement and disbursement of funds. 

* Boards of Education and Governing Councils

After working with Boards of Education and Governing Councils for years, as well as serving as members, we understand the significant tasks with which they are burdened. At LEAD Consulting, we will show you how to be a successful Board/Council, how to develop and implement policy, and how to monitor your school's or district's overall operation. Great schools and districts start at the top. As such, we will show you how to be a highly functioning and expert Board/Council!

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