By working closely with the Business Offices of schools, we were able to accomplish the following:

* We doubled the Fund Balance in one year!
By trimming the excessive spending that had gone on for your years, consolidating various positions, ensuring that full-time workers worked full-time, procuring all available grants, and carefully budgeting line-by-line, we have doubled the fund balance in one school year. We will show you how to maximize each dollar, as well.

* We w
orked to secure all available grants

There is a significant amount of grant money that can be received from the federal, state, and local governments, as well as businesses and foundations. We are experienced in procuring every available dollar for use in charter schools.

* We have completely operated the Business Office and Practices for schools/districts 

The operation of a Business Office is a full-time position that requires diligence, intelligence, understanding of government accounting, and the ability to work with various levels of government, as well as the business community. We will assist your Business Office in all operations and, if you so choose, we will even devote one full-time consultant to you to completely operate your Business Office in accordance with the expectations that have been set forth by the School Board or Governing Council.

* Ensured compliance with all applicable laws and statutes, as well as completing all local, state, and federal reports

Your school MUST be in 100% compliance with all applicable laws and statutes at all times. With our Business Office experience at LEAD /consulting, we will ensure that you are always in compliance with current laws, as well as when new laws, statutes, and ordinances are introduced.

e) Complete budget development that ensures optimal use of each dollar

We will work diligently with your School Board or Governing Council, as well as with your administrators, to develop a carefully crafted budget that is specifically designed for your entity. Each dollar will be maximized; all needs will be addressed; and the legacy of the budget will carry over from year-to-year.

Call LEAD Consulting today and let us help you with all of your Business Office practices!