Working with the Principals and staffs of elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, we were able to help them raise their assessment scores by 100%, 200%, 300%, and even 400% and raised school grades from "F" to "A" in one school year! We were able to accomplish these significant achievements by doing the following:


* We completely revamped their instructional practices through research-based practices, so that all students had equal opportunities to learn

* We engaged in staff development practices, so that all teachers understood how to best use their textbooks and other instructional tools

* We re-wrote the curriculum, so that all pertinent topics were covered in depth prior to testing

* We wrote Pacing Guides and Scope and Sequence tools, so that all curricular activity was in-line with the expectations of the Common Core State Standards, as well as their local curriculum

Through staff development, regular classroom visitations, consulting with the Principal, coaching individual teachers, and ensuring that all had the necessary tools, we have been able to help charter schools achieve tremendous gains in student achievement!

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